9 of 12 Western States Offer An Outfitter Set-Aside



By Mountain Pursuit

A report by Mountain Pursuit “Different Ways Western States Use Big Game Hunting Licenses To Benefit Commercial Outfitters” finds that 9 of the 12 Western states are specifically allocating their big game tags in order to benefit commercial outfitters.  This report uncovers the details of the relationship between each state and its outfitters.

States use three methods to benefit commercial outfitters via hunting licenses:

    1. Commercial guide requirement for nonresidents (3 of 12 Western States).
    2. Special outfitter draw and/or and outfitter set-aside (3 of 12 Western States).
    3. Landowner tags permitted to be transferred (6 of 12 Western States).

The three states who do not currently offer any outfitter set-asides are: Arizona, Hawaii, and Montana.

In the full report, there is a detailed description of each state’s current practices and how they are benefiting their commercial outfitters.

"Historically, a major opponent to increasing resident hunter license preference has been the commercial outfitting lobby and association," said Mountain Pursuit Founder, Rob Shaul.

"Outfitting is one of the oldest and most traditional industries in the West," he continued,
"and we were interested in what states are doing now to benefit this industry. We learned a lot in completing this study and wanted to share what we learned with others."

For more information or questions, email rob@mtnpursuit.org.

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