Mountain Pursuit Challenges Increased Mountain Bike Activity In Shoal Creek and Palisades Wilderness Study Areas

By Mountain Pursuit

April 18, 2019

Today, Mountain Pursuit submitted a letter to the USFS Bridger-Teton Forest Supervisor Tricia O’Conner challenging exploding mountain bike activity in the Palisades Wilderness Study Area in Teton and Lincoln Counties, and mountain bike and destructive ATV/UTV activity in the Shoal Creek Wilderness Study Area in Teton and Sublette Counties.

Both the Palisades and Shoal Creek Wilderness Study Areas were established by the 1984 Wyoming Wilderness Act. The ’84 Act requires that the Forest Service does not allow activities such as ATV/UTV use and mountain biking to adversely affect the wilderness character that existed in Palisades and Shoal in 1984, nor the potential to designate both WSAs as Wilderness.

It’s Mountain Pursuit’s position that the Forest Service is legally bound by the 1984 Wyoming Wilderness Act not to allow any summer motorized/mechanized activity in the Palisades and Shoal WSAs beyond what was occurring in 1984.

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Wyoming Game and Fish Puts Politics Above Science By Delaying Migration Corridor Designation

By Mountain Pursuit, 4.12.18

Wyoming Game & Fish Department leadership has delayed identifying migration corridors for the Sublette Pronghorn and Wyoming Range Mule Deer herds in response to last-minute concerns raised by industry groups representing ranching, mining and oil and gas.

Mountain Pursuit strongly disagrees with the delay, and urges Department leadership to proceed with identifying and designating these corridors

“The Department’s decision to delay is disturbing,” explained Mountain Pursuit Board President Rob Shaul.

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Above: 2017 Article on Arizona OTC deer tags.

The “Gohunt” Effect and Arizona OTC Late Season Archery Deer Tag Sales

By Mountain Pursuit

While the number of hunters in the United States is declining with the corresponding decline in rural America, the interest, media attention and marketing of western state big game hunting has exploded in recent years.

This increased attention and marketing, driven by hunting brands (clothes, weapons), hunting-related internet companies (Onx Maps, GoHunt), and even western state game and fish departments, the “Gohunt” effect after, a subscription-based website created in 2013 to help nonresident do-it-yourself hunters find and apply for big game tags in the western states.

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Mountain Pursuit Recommends Changes to Wyoming Governor Complimentary Big Game License System

By Mountain Pursuit

An in-depth report completed this week analyzing the Wyoming G&F Governor Complimentary License system identified opportunities to increase revenue from the Governor Tag sales, and immediately add up to $1 million to the Wyoming Game & Fish Department general fund.

The report, "Wyoming Governor's Complimentary Big Game License Revenue (2012-2018) and Allocation (2014-2018)" analyzes the current method by which the Governor's Tags are sold, how the revenue is granted for wildlife research and other projects, and who has purchased the Tags over the past decade.

The report was completed by Mountain Pursuit, western-state hunting advocacy nonprofit headquartered in Wyoming.

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February 22, 2019

Mountain Pursuit Grades 19 Hunting Industry Instagram Accounts From the Perspective of the Non-Hunter, Develops Social Media Image Guidelines

By Mountain Pursuit

A report completed this week by Mountain Pursuit analyzed and graded hunting industry Instagram accounts perspective of the non-hunter.

The report, "Grading Hunting Industry Instagram Posts From the Perspective of the Non-Hunter" categorized and graded 1,660 images total from fifteen hunting companies and four hunting nonprofits.

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Above: A forum post on offers to sell points to another nonresident and apply for a "party" tag under Wyoming's liberal point sharing rules. 

Nonresidents Are Selling Preference Points Under Wyoming's Liberal Party Hunt Draw Regulations

By Mountain Pursuit

Farmington, Utah Resident and hunting personality, Brian Latturner is the owner of the website,, and offers a "Wyoming Hunt Consulting/Scouting" service for Western Wyoming.

For $1,499, Mr. Latturner promises buck location, glassing, trailhead, camping and other information to increase the odds of harvesting a 1-2% buck for nonresident hunters from "1 in 100" to "1 in 5 for a 5-7 day hunt."

Mr. Latturner himself has deer hunted the prized Region G in western Wyoming as a nonresident an astounding 9 of the past 10 years, according to the Wyoming Game & Fish Department.

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