Nonresident Western State Big Game Limited Quota License Allocation

By Mountain Pursuit

Colorado has the most liberal non-resident, limited quota unit allocation for deer and elk, but Wyoming has the most limited quota nonresident allocation for moose, mountain goat, Bighorn Sheep and Antelope.

The chart below breaks down the limited quota allocation by species and state. Sources include state regulations,, and various presentations.

Note especially for deer and elk, the figures below only refer to limited-quota units. Nonresident deer and elk tag allocation for general hunting areas and leftover licenses can be greater and the specifics by state complicated and difficult to parse out.


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Mountain Pursuit Calls for an End to Wyoming G&F Commissioner Complimentary Licenses

An in-depth report completed this week analyzing a decade of Wyoming G&F Commissioner Complimentary donations uncovered serious issues in tag allocation, financial accounting, and a disturbing disregard for Wyoming wildlife, resident hunters, and taxpayers' money.

The report, "Wyoming Game & Fish Commissioner Complimentary License Allocation, 2008-2018" analyzed which non-profits received over 700 donated Commissioner Licenses, how much money the licenses were sold of raffled for, which species and hunt area the licenses were used for, and who purchased the tags.

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Resident Hunters Should Have Significant Priority For Hunting Tag Allocation

By Mountain Pursuit

Mountain Pursuit is a western states hunting advocacy group and strongly believes big game license allocation should be significantly prioritized for the residents of Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana

The growth in backcountry hunting in recent years, driven by ... 

Hunting and clothing and gear manufacturers and sophisticated marketing campaigns
Hunting Films and Film Festivals
Sponsored hunters and social media
Television hunting series and streaming hunting shows 
Online hunting tag application services and resources such as

 .... has significantly increased non-resident tag applications in western states, and increased pressure on state management agencies to increase non-resident tag allocation. 

This has resulted in proposed decreased hunting tag allocation and diminished hunting quality and experience for western state residents hunters.  

Mountain Pursuit is troubled by these trends, and believes resident hunters should have significant priority for hunting tag allocation. 


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Above: The issue isn't use of ATV, UTVs, other ORVs or 4WD Vehicles during hunting season - the issue is the illegal use, either travel on closed roads or trails, or worse, creating new trails as depicted in the photo above, from the Polaris website.

Mountain Pursuit Supports Hunting-Related Penalties for ORV and Other Travel Violations During Hunting Season

By Rob Shaul

One of the key tenants of Ethical Hunting is conservation not only of game and wildlife populations, but the wildlands they habitat.

To this end, Mountain Pursuit supports hunting-related penalties for ORV (Off Road Vehicle) and other travel violations on public land during hunting season.

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