We're Hiring! Executive Director Needed to Lead Mountain Pursuit

Mountain Pursuit is a new, bold, innovative, western states, hunting advocacy nonprofit headquartered in Jackson, Wyoming.

We need a courageous, hard working, passionate Executive Director to lead our multi-pronged efforts to fight for wildlife and preserve the tradition of big game hunting in the Western US. 

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Mountain Pursuit's Standards for Ethical Coyote Hunting

By Mountain Pursuit

Coyote hunting for sport has become a lightning rod for anti-hunting activists in the United States.

A December, 2018 article in the Montana-based, online magazine Mountain Journal titled "A Death of Ethics: Is Hunting Destroying Itself" highlighted coyote killing contests, social media video posts showing coyotes run down by snowmobiles, and extrapolated this behavior to the broader ethics of all big and small game hunting. As the article title suggests, the author implies the questionable ethics associated with coyote hunting points to a larger ethical deficit amongst all hunting and hunters. 

In 2018, Project Coyote, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Northern California, filmed and produced an award-winning wildlife crime film, "Killing Games: Wildlife in the Crosshairs" which focuses on coyote and other predator hunting contests. 

Protecting the future of big game hunting, and standing steadfast and uncompromising on Fair Chase hunting ethics are key mandates for Mountain Pursuit.

Mountain Pursuit considers the ethical issues and disturbing coyote hunting social media, hunting contests and other images as a potential public perception threat to the future of big game hunting in the West. 


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The "Gohunt Effect" Reflected in Nonresident Elk Tag Applications

By Mountain Pursuit

A highly-reference 2016 report from the US Fish & Wildlife Service found that overall hunters in the United States declined by 2 million from 2011 to 2016, to 11.5 million. 

However, any hunter living in the Western US who has internet access has seen an explosion in gear companies, online businesses, podcasts, internet forums, celebrity hunters and hunting movies publicizing and marketing big game hunting out West. 

Mountain Pursuit calls this the "Gohunt" effect after the website gohunt.com.

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Mountain Pursuit Urges the Wild Sheep Foundation to Pull Its Sponsorship of "The Best of the West" Extreme-Range Hunting TV Show

By Mountain Pursuit

The Best of the West TV show, website, and youtube channel, focus on extreme-range big game hunting.

The Wild Sheep Foundation, one of America's largest and most venerable hunting advocacy groups, is listed as a sponsor of The Best of The West Television Program. Mountain Pursuit is urging The Wild Sheep Foundation to pull it's sponsorship of this program.

Extreme-range hunting violates the ethic of Fair Chase.

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Why is Wyoming Giving 25% of our Bighorn Sheep Tags to Nonresidents??!!

By Rob Shaul, Founder, Mountain Pursuit

Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, Idaho, Colorado and Utah allot just 10% of their bighorn sheep tags to non residents. Why are we so liberal?

It's not only sheep. Mountain Goat is by regulation, a once-in-a-lifetime hunt for Wyoming residents, but still every year we give 25% of our available mountain goat licenses to nonresidents! Every other western state gives nonresidents just 10% of the available mountain goat tags.

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Mountain Pursuit in the News, 1.9.19

Mountain Pursuit was covered in the Jackson Hole News and Guide this week. 

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Nonresident Western State Big Game Limited Quota License Allocation

By Mountain Pursuit

Colorado has the most liberal non-resident, limited quota unit allocation for deer and elk, but Wyoming has the most limited quota nonresident allocation for moose, mountain goat, Bighorn Sheep and Antelope.

The chart below breaks down the limited quota allocation by species and state. Sources include state regulations, gohunt.com, and various presentations.

Note especially for deer and elk, the figures below only refer to limited-quota units. Nonresident deer and elk tag allocation for general hunting areas and leftover licenses can be greater and the specifics by state complicated and difficult to parse out.


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Mountain Pursuit Calls for an End to Wyoming G&F Commissioner Complimentary Licenses

An in-depth report completed this week analyzing a decade of Wyoming G&F Commissioner Complimentary donations uncovered serious issues in tag allocation, financial accounting, and a disturbing disregard for Wyoming wildlife, resident hunters, and taxpayers' money.

The report, "Wyoming Game & Fish Commissioner Complimentary License Allocation, 2008-2018" analyzed which non-profits received over 700 donated Commissioner Licenses, how much money the licenses were sold of raffled for, which species and hunt area the licenses were used for, and who purchased the tags.

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