We're Hiring! Executive Director Needed to Lead Mountain Pursuit

Mountain Pursuit is a new, bold, innovative, western states, hunting advocacy nonprofit headquartered in Jackson, Wyoming.

We need a courageous, hard working, passionate Executive Director to lead our multi-pronged efforts to fight for wildlife and preserve the tradition of big game hunting in the Western US. 

Our Issues

  • Ethical Hunting and Fair Chase
  • Opposition to Technology Which Leads to an Easier Kill
  • Subsistence-Based Hunting
  • License Preference for Resident Hunters
  • Hunter Enducation and New Hunter Recruitment
  • Strong, Healthy Wildlife Habitat and Populations
  • Protect the Hunt

Ideal candidate is western state native (Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana), MS in Biology, Ecology, or Wildlife Management. Avid hunter and outdoorsman. Passionate about hunting ethics, wildlife conservation, and western state residents. Must be able to research hard, write well, take criticism and be willing to work like you've never worked before!

Need to be multi-skilled, bright, and passionate about big game hunting, conservation, and Fair Chase. 

Mountain Pursuit is headquartered in Jackson, Wy, but relocation to Wyoming is not required for this position (as long as you life in another western US state).


Email rob@mtnpursuit.org a current CV and letter of interest.  

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