Mountain Pursuit Banned From Western-State Hunting Forum Website for Defending Fair Chase, Resident Hunter Preference

By Mountain Pursuit

Saturday, the owners of western DYI hunting website banned Mountain Pursuit Founder, Rob Shaul, from the website's internet forum.

Shaul was answering questions and responding to criticism by forum members about Mountain Pursuits positions on Fair Chase and resident hunter tag preference.

"Someone had started a thread about Mountain Pursuit way back in January and copied a link to a story about us in the Jackson, Wy newspaper," explained Shaul.

"I didn't see the thread or the criticism until last Friday (June 21, 2019), and took the opportunity to announce who I was, respond to criticism and answer questions."

Most of the criticism, some of which was passionate, centered on Mountain Pursuit's position on a 400-yard maximum shot limit for firearms based on Fair Chase. Non-residents forum members also forcefully opposed western-state resident hunter preference.

Saturday, owner Robby Denning announced that Shaul and Mountain Pursuit had been banned from the forum.

"You won’t hear back from mtnprst. Ryan banned him," Denning wrote in his post. "We don’t need the cancer of further division on here or the greater hunting community, nor the time suck it costs the mods keeping up with the thread. Plus the guy can’t even read our forum rules before promoting his “nonprofit”

"He’s got his own set of fair chase rules and reading all 200+ posts on here, I can safely say the majority of Rokslide does NOT agree with them," Denning continued. "I will say that some of you need to learn how to argue without all the emotion and name calling."

"I really thought the back and forth between myself and the forum members was a great learning experience," said Shaul. "I'm disappointed but not surprised that the rokslide owners stopped the conservation. The western-state hunting industry, including websites like, markets to and serves non-resident hunters. Mountain Pursuit's forceful advocacy for resident hunters and Fair Chase is a threat to the industry status quo."

Mountain Pursuit previously criticized the Mule Deer Foundation for sponsoring a Denning workshop at a Salt Lake City hunting show. Denning, in addition to owning, has a side business selling location information on trophy mule deer in Idaho and Wyoming, and has admitted to aerial scouting by plane as part of that service, in violation of Fair Chase.

The forum thread criticism of Mountain Pursuit before Shaul responded, and after, are interesting reading, and offer important insight to the current issues with Fair Chase and non-resident entitlement concerning hunting tag allocation.

Click Here to Read the Forum Thread Prior to Shaul Responding.

Click Here to Read the Forum Thread Back & Forth between Shaul and the Forum Members


About Mountain Pursuit - Mountain Pursuit is a western states hunting advocacy nonprofit which champions ethical hunting, license preference for resident hunters, conservation and new hunter education and recruitment. More at

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