Mountain Pursuit's New "Resident Hunter" T-Shirts

By Rob Shaul

I founded Mountain Pursuit to represent the most underrepresented group in today's overhyped western state big game hunting industry - the subsistence-based, resident hunter: those of us who are residents of the western states, grew up hunting with our families or learned to love it, and hunt each year not to promote a product, post to instagram or get into the record books - but to simply fill our freezers. 

Non-resident hunters have a plethora of groups lobbying for their interests - Outfitters and Guides groups, landowners who lease their property to outfitters and guides, the hospitality industry (motels, restaurants, state tourism boards), old-guard hunting nonprofits who depend upon their donations and membership, hunting clothing and gear manufactures who depend upon sales to nonresidents, and the Game & Fish Departments themselves who's sell of nonresident tags is often often a major source of department funding. 

Resident hunters need a voice and Mountain Pursuit is working hard to be that voice. Hence - our new "Resident Hunter" t-shirts. Are you a resident of Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado or Arizona? 

If so, we've got a Resident Hunter t-shirt for you! Wear your colors and stand up for resident hunters. 

Click HERE to see the shop.

All proceeds go to support the good work we're doing at Mountain Pursuit! 



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