ROUNDUP 1.18.19


Annual Idaho elk count begins
Three reasons why I love Oregon's new fishing and hunting license system
Hunting by bike banned around Greens Creek Mine, Alaska
Anti-Gunner's 'Meateater' Purchase Poses Problems For Hunt-Focused Biz, The Federalist


Wildlife habitat conserved in Wyoming
Whiskey Mountain bighorn sheep collaboration gets underway, Wyoming
Wildlife managers seek break in fight against bighorn pneumonia
Intense hunting practices showing up in wildlife evolutionary effects
Wildlife Conservation License Plate Now Available, Wyoming
University of Wyoming Biodiversity Institute expected to stay 'intact', Wyoming
Public lands rally draws thousands to Montana Capitol, Montana
Big Horn Sheep on Antelope Island are dying from respiratory disease, Utah
Studying Mule Deer Migration in Wyoming, Outside
Anita Merrigan: Humans have significant impact on elk population, Colorado
Bill Would Give Wildlife Managers More Control Of Antler And Horn Collecting, Wyoming
University of Wyoming research shows big game learn how to migrate from others, not instinct


Ecologists: Alaska wildlife management threatens state's largest carnivores
Legislature looks at griz attack recovery fund | Local, Wyoming
Wolf depredation control board spending more, but still has budget surplus, Idaho

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