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Hunting and Media

Social media videos, pictures, and posts are seen by more than the intended audience.  Many non-hunters are being exposed to hunting industry media on a daily basis. 

Used correctly, social media can be major asset for hunting recruitment and longevity.  However, current hunting industry media emphasizes kills, blood, gore, and grip and grin trophy shots.  It gives a message to non-hunters that the best part of hunting is the kill, and the trophy. 

Anti-hunting groups love this - as unaware hunting industry social media posts provide plenty of poor taste examples these groups deploy in their anti-hunting messaging. 

Wake up! It's not 1979 - it's 2019 and your lack of social media awareness can directly lead to the erosion of public support for hunting. Use common sense and good taste when posting hunting related media. 

Not sure what that means? Stick to our guidelines below.

Want more? Read our study and report, "Grading Hunting Industry Instagram Posts From the Perspective of the Non-Hunter."


Mountain Pursuit Social Media Guidelines:

(1) Post no "gore" images or videos. "Gore" imagery includes kill shots, gutting, field dressing, stacks or rows of dead animals, bloody knives and bullets, fresh skinned skulls, etc. If the image is obscured and has a "sensitive content" warning, it should be immediately removed.

(2) Avoid all imagery that shows blood.

(3) Minimize or eliminate typical "Trophy" shots. These images position the hunter behind the animal, and have him or her looking directly at the camera. "Trophy" images portray the hunter as only concerned with his or her accomplishment, and not respectful of the animal he or she has harvested. While a strong majority (87%) support hunting for food, only 37% believe trophy hunting is acceptable.

(4) Replace typical "trophy" shots with images of the hunter looking at and admiring the harvested animal.

(5) Encourage imagery displaying hunt preparation including archery and firearm marksmanship practice, field scouting, fitness preparation, and gear preparation.

(6) Encourage imagery displaying the non-killing experience of the the hunt, including glassing, hiking, camping, natural wonder, stalking, hunter camaraderie, and camping.

(7) Post and advertise imagery guidelines, and take don't publish media which violates them.  Hunting Industry companies and nonprofits are responsible for their sponsored hunters' media, as well as comments/posts on their social media channels by fans/customers. 

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