Study: Hunting Nonprofit CEOs are Underpaid Compared to their Environmental Nonprofit Counterparts

By Mountain Pursuit

A just completed report by Mountain Pursuit analyzes Hunting Nonprofit CEO compensation and compares Hunting Nonprofit CEOs to their counterparts in Environmental Organizations.

Quick Take-Aways from the Report:

- In 2016, the average CEO salary for a nationally based hunting nonprofit was $271,488.90.

- Between 2013 and 2016, the average CEO salary for a nationally based hunting nonprofit increased by 11.68%.

- Based on "CEO Efficiency", Hunting nonprofit CEOs are underpaid compared to their Environmental nonprofit counterparts.

The report, "Grading Hunting Nonprofit CEO Compensation" analyzed the 2013-2016 CEO compensation at 10 major Hunting and Environmental Nonprofits. Below lists the non-profits analyzed, and the 2016 CEO compensations:



The report's authors also developed a "CEO Efficiency" score which standardized CEO compensation when accounting for the individual Nonprofit's total revenue, total number of employees, and CEO salary.

After running the data, the report found Hunting Nonprofit CEO on average have a higher CEO Efficiency score than their Environmental Nonprofit counterparts, and based on this metric, are underpaid compared to the Environmental Nonprofit CEOs.

But beyond the comparison between the two nonprofit categories, the "CEO Efficiency Metric" alone can be used to help Hunting Nonprofit Boards, and members gauge appropriate CEO compensation, and performance.

"We didn't know what to expect when we began researching Hunting nonprofit CEO Compensation," said Mountain Pursuit founder and Board President, Rob Shaul.  "At first glance, and without context, some of the Hunting Nonprofit CEO salaries seem high, which is why we wanted to do more research and analysis before jumping to conclusions."

"Finding that Hunting Nonprofit CEOs on average are fairly compensated, if not underpaid, compared to their Environmental Nonprofit counterparts was refreshing," he continued. "What I'm most excited about is the development of the CEO Efficiency metric which gives us the opportunity to compare Hunting Nonprofit CEO salaries on an apples to apples basis using salary, total revenue and number of employees."

Four of the ten Hunting Nonprofits analyzed for this study had CEO Efficiency scores below the category average - and indication that their CEOs are overpaid. These nonprofits with overpaid CEOS are are the

- National Turkey Association

- Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

- Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever

- Delta Waterfowl Association

In terms of further research, Mountain Pursuit hopes to conduct a similar study of state-based and regionally based (western US) Hunting Nonprofits.

Mountain Pursuit itself currently has no paid full time or part-time employees. It does currently have an internship position which includes a $1500/month stipend.




About Mountain Pursuit - Mountain Pursuit is a western states hunting advocacy nonprofit which champions ethical hunting, license preference for resident hunters, conservation and new hunter education and recruitment. More at

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